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Interracial Couple

Marriage & Couples Counseling - NYC Counseling

The more complicated life gets the harder it is for couples to stay connected emotionally and sexually. As differences begin to surface hurts and angers start piling up and partners soon find themselves drifting toward just being roommates. Do not let this happen in your relationship. We have helped countless couples talk through issues constructively, heal hurtful angers and rebuild trust damaged by infidelity. For an appointment with either Dr. Evelyn or Dr. Paul please call the office most convenient for you.

Couples counseling in NYC is available for you no matter what your situation. If you are married, or un-married, part of a blended family, straight or gay, seek out marriage or couples counseling in NYC that understands your unique situation.

Marriage and Couple counseling by telephone is available and frequently used by partners who travel often, have childcare concerns or live out of town. Information about
telephone therapy sessions.


An experienced therapist that feels right for you brings the best results