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Interracial Couple

Parent & Family Counseling- NYC Counseling

Becoming new parents brings unparallel joy and many big challenges. This is a difficult time of transition for many couples. Dual career parents raising school age children are under a different kind of pressure every bit as taxing. Different parenting styles, especially during teenage years, can cause frequent clashes leading to friction and resentment. Feuding divorced parents, son in-law or daughter in- law problems, alienated adult children, intrusive in-laws, all cause suffering of one kind or another. And parents in second and third marriages with blended families often find themselves dealing with troublesome ex-spouses and upset children torn between competing loyalties.

Parental Counseling and Family Therapy is available in NYC. Let an expert in NYC counseling help!

Both Dr. Evelyn and Dr. Paul have many years of experience dealing with all the above issues. For an appointment with either one call the office nearest you.



An experienced therapist that feels right for you brings the best results