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Interracial Couple


1. No cheating, ever. No way. No how.

2. Cut him some relationship slack. Most women are naturals at emotional intimacy while most men are learners.

3 Don't use sex as a weapon.

4. Know that as much as women want to feel understood, men want to feel appreciated.

5. Be materially undemanding.

6. When arguing a point keep your comments in the present, avoid rehashing the past.

7. Being "close" doesn't mean being dependently attached to one another. Know the difference and be your own person.

8. Go out of your way and then some to get along with his mother.

9. Don't say "yes" when you mean "no." Make your voice heard with out being overbearing.

10. Make sure he feels safe to open up to you or you'll never know what's going on in his inner world.