6 Steps To Staying In Love Forever

Written by  Paul Moschetta of Mid-town Manhattan

Staying in love forever? Is that really possible? It certainly is although you would never know it given all the attention problem relationships receive. If you’re married or in a committed relationship in love feelings are what make that relationship unique. When partners promise to “love honor and cherish” one another they are in effect promising to stay “in love”. Without in love feelings you and your partner risk slipping more and more into a roommate arrangement where just living together and “getting along” replaces being in love. Very few couples are happy with just being roommates. Often their disappointment and  unhappiness leads to bickering and boredom. Deep down they yearn for that most intimate of all human experiences: being in love and that means being fully known, deeply loved and profoundly valued. What confuses many men and women is how to create , in their day to day interactions, the kind of feelings that made the beginning of their togetherness feel so fulfilling. The more complicated life gets the harder it seems to hold onto their best love.They need a guide, a roadmap that points out the behaviors and sensitivity that promote emotional and sexual closeness. This video is a shorthand version of our book Are You Roommates Or Soul Mates? and shows you how to create and maintain “in love” feelings on a daily basis by:

1. Expressing a special affectionate attention that fuels in love passion.

2. Using playing together as a strong aphrodisiac.

3. Replacing your same old conversation with a heart to heart dialogue.

4. Defusing conflict by carefronting your anger.

5. Giving one another unquestioned trust.

6.  Discovering the secret treasure hiding in plain sight.

After watching talk over with your partner how well your love encompasses the above pointers.


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