Telephone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom Counseling

Marriage Counseling
Individual Psychotherapy

Noted Marriage Counselors, Psychotherapists, and Workshop Leaders Drs. Paul and Evelyn Moschetta offer their expertise and advice to local, national and inter-national clients through telephone consultation sessions.

Just as effective as face to face meetings Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Phone sessions!

• Eliminates the necessity for child-care arrangements
• Saves travel time
• Creates scheduling possibilities for busy professionals
• Offers immediate appointments
• Convenient from wherever you are.

Phone consultations are safe, convenient and easy to arrange. There is no reason to compromise your health and happiness with unresolved problems. Whether it is personal issues in your own life or relationship problems between you and a partner expert help is immediately available.

Session Payments

Please contact us to discuss telephone consultation fees and scheduling. Payments are available via PayPal and Zelle, and must be received at least two days prior to your session to allow for bank processing. If payment by check or money order is preferred, please allow enough time for payment to reach us via the mail. Contact us with any questions you might have.

An experienced therapist that feels right for you brings the best results

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