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Therapy in-office and online for Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Unhappy love relationships, work and career issues, family problems with parents and siblings, difficulty in making and keeping friendships, recurrent feelings of being “less than” or “not good enough” can all be sources of stress that tax our ability to cope and function at our best.  Each day requires facing fears and moderating desires.  When we don’t find a good balance we feel anxious or depressed. Do not suffer alone. Therapy can help you get clear of repetitive patterns that drain your energy, complicate your relationships and prevent you from feeling good about yourself. Good counseling in NYC can be hard to find. Finding the therapy in NYC that's right for you is vital.

For an appointment with either Dr. Evelyn or Dr. Paul to begin changing what does not work in your life call the office most convenient for you: 212-319-1808. Our offices are located in Manhattan and East Hampton.

Individual counseling by telephone is available and frequently used by those who travel often, have childcare concerns or live out of town.  For information about
telephone therapy sessions click here .

An experienced therapist that feels right for you brings the best results

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