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Interracial Couple


a novel by Dr. Paul Vincent Moschetta

High school senior, Andy Koops, barely reacts to his father's suicide. In college, a manic episode lands him in a state mental hospital. After three years, he's still hospitalized, and worse, he's trapped on a locked back ward by a sadistic psychiatrist, Dr. Enzo Gambelli. Drugged, depressed, and demoralized Andy is on the verge of becoming a chronic mental patient when he's befriended by Jay, a maverick social worker, who challenges him to choose: does he want to stay a patient or go home. Andy chooses home and battles Gambelli for his release but has no idea of the evil he is about to encounter.
Dr. Paul Vincent Moschetta is a psychotherapist specializing in individual and marital therapy. He and his wife, Dr. Evelyn Moschetta, live and work in Manhattan and Easthampton, N.Y. where he pursues interests in writing, self-transcendence, the opera, horses and boxing.