When To Call It Quits Fatal Signs Of A Marriage In Jeopardy

  • The pain consistently outweighs the pleasure and joy in your relationship.
  • The same patterns of unhappiness continue despite your best efforts to change them.
  • The "in love" feeling is permanently gone; you've lost your passion or sexual desire.
  • These feelings continue after you've worked hard with a professional counselor to understand yourself and your relationship.

Warning Signals
  • Constant bickering and competition between partners.
  • Accumulated pain and anger that never really goes away.
  • A lack of trust that puts a knot in the pit of your stomach.
  • Unwillingness to go out of your way to please one another.
  • Feeling relieved when the other person isn't around.
  • Being the recipient of nonstop faultfinding, criticism, and blame.

Worst Mistakes
  • Taking each other-and your relationship-for granted.Harboring angry feelings without discussing them.
  • Forcing your partner to fit an idealized image rather than accepting him or her as is.
  • Having to be always right; insisting on always "having your way" or being in control.
  • Adultery/being unfaithful.

Common Danger Zones: Stressful Life Events
  • Having a child/differences in child-rearing.
  • Buying a house.
  • Career transitions.
  • Losing a job/financial problems.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Family/in-law problems.

    An experienced therapist that feels right for you brings the best results

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